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Protect Yourself From Air Duct Cleaning Scams

How To Notice An Air Duct Cleaning Scam

Indoor air quality plays an important role in your family’s health and happiness. You can enjoy allergy relief and breath easier when your HVAC system is clean and functional. If you’re like many Memphis homeowners, you’ve looked into having your vents and air ducts cleaned. TruClean Home Services can help refresh your home for better comfort and health. However, not every duct cleaning ad you see is legitimate. Some local scam artists are trying to take advantage of health-minded Memphis families. Learn how to spot air duct cleaning scams so you can always receive the best services.

Suspiciously Low Prices

You know the saying: if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Watch out for duct cleaning offers with unbelievably low prices. These so-called “deals” are one of the most common scams in the HVAC industry. 

Honest, reliable companies charge reasonable prices to pay their staff and cover other expenses. If you find an ad offering to clean your entire duct system for $59, you might get what you pay for. These scammers will probably take your money, speed-clean the visible parts of your vents, and then leave without touching the bulk of your system.

Heavy Sales Pressure

An air duct cleaning company should never pressure you into making a snap decision. Here at TruClean Home Services, we understand that choosing a contractor can take time. Your home is one of your most important investments. You deserve to be happy and confident with the companies you hire. 

We never force you to decide before you’re ready. Any duct cleaning service that pushes you into a decision is trying to trap you before you change your mind. Avoid these scummy sales tactics at all costs.

Strange Payment Requests

Unusual payment requests are another sign you can’t trust a cleaning company. Watch out for businesses that demand full payment upfront only accepts cash, request payment in gift cards, or any other unusual method. A trustworthy company only wants payment once you’re satisfied with your results. If an duct cleaning company requests more than a partial deposit before going to work or asks for atypical payment options, you should look somewhere else.

They Keep Finding Problems

Let an unscrupulous cleaning company into your home and you might be surprised with what they “find” in your vents. These companies often plan to up-sell you on a range of additional services during the cleaning process. This tactic helps them get more money out of each target. 

It’s possible to discover serious problems during a standard air duct cleaning. However, an honest company won’t pressure you to immediately pay for more services when this happens. You should always have the option to get a second opinion and research your choices before making a decision.

Door-To-Door Sales

Watch out for contractors trying to find customers by going door-to-door. The contractor might tell you they were “in the neighborhood” or that they “just finished at your neighbor’s house,” but it’s almost always a lie. Reliable companies stay busy with repeat customers and referrals. Only scammers need to go from house to house, trying to find work. 

Improve Your Air Quality With TruClean Home Services

Memphis has unfortunately been hit by duct cleaning scams. However, it is possible to safely and reliably improve your home’s air quality. TruClean Home Services is a trustworthy company with a proven track record of success. Get in touch and learn more about our air duct cleaning services today.


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