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Dangers Of DIY Mold Removal

We Have Mold. Now What?

Yikes. You’ve found mold in your house and you don’t know what to do. A thousand thoughts are running through your head, one of the first being how you can get it out.

Mold is dangerous, gross and something you don’t want in your house, but how are you supposed to get rid of it? Your next step is to figure that out. Maybe you make a few quick Google searches, looking around for the easiest way to get rid of it.

Of course, immediately hundreds of Google results pop up for ways to get rid of it. However, the first solution everyone offers is to hire someone to do the job for you. Your next step is to Google places near you that can take care of it.

However, this decision is not what you expect it to be. The costs are expensive and it seems like a fair amount to do something that you think you could do yourself. So then you turn to what the next Google result was; DIY. The web is filled with bloggers and handymen websites telling you to do it yourself.

Time For The Mold To Go

Now, at this point, you want the mold out and you’re getting desperate. So, DIY seems like it might work. However, despite the encouragement you may be receiving to do this, we’re here to warn you against it. Trust us, this is not a home project you want to tackle on your own.

In case you’re skeptical and still thinking DIY mold removal is a good idea, we’ve collected a list of reasons why you just want to bite the bullet and hire someone to take care of it for you.

Without any more talk, let’s dive in.

The Dangers of Mold Removal

Protective Wear

When you hire a professional mold removal company, they’ll be trained to know how to get in and out of their protective wear so that they don’t spread or inhale the contamination. They’re aware of how harmful it can be to inhale the contamination, resulting in either getting others sick or cross-contamination. These people know what they’re doing and have had hours of training to understand it. However, when you attempt to do it yourself, you have none of this protective wear and, despite what the internet says, it isn’t something you can teach yourself overnight. Unless you want some serious consequences, it’s better to leave it to the experts when it comes to your protective wear.


As with any job, mold remediation contractors often find themselves in situations where issues arise. It’s not an easy job and it certainly isn’t black and white. Oftentimes they must improvise and think quickly in situations to avoid problems, and unless you’re specifically trained for the job you won’t know how to fix or avoid these situations. Sometimes, when the issue is severe enough, mold remediation contractors will have to turn to professionals or their textbooks for ways to get past it.


Some people can have severe allergic reactions to certain types of mold. This can be very dangerous and there are also toxic mold spores that, even in small amounts can be extremely harmful. You may not even be aware that you’re allergic to mold until you start to see the symptoms, which are not pleasant.


When you hire someone they’ll come with their equipment and be prepared to tackle the job. There are special materials and equipment that’s needed to do the job, and it’s not always equipment that you can find locally. This is equipment that is best used by someone who knows what they’re doing and who’s done it before.


At the end of the day, you just don’t have the knowledge. You aren’t an expert and you don’t have the knowledge about mold removal that it would take to tackle the job on your own. This is a job that needs an expert and isn’t something to fool around with. DIY projects are great when it’s painting your kitchen cabinets, but, when it comes to something as serious as mold removal you should leave it to the experts. You need information on it that you don’t have and can’t learn overnight, despite what the internet is telling you.

Overall, you don’t want to DIY when it comes to mold removal. You don’t have the equipment, the knowledge, or the protection. Trust us when we tell you that it’s not only in your best interest but also in the interests of the others living in your home that you call a professional.

Mold removal is not a joke and by no means should be something that is taken lightly. You can always have a qualified contractor come out and assess the situation, giving you advice on what to do next and what your options are. It’s always best to get the advice of a professional before taking any action on your own.


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