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Air Duct Cleaning Services

TruClean Home Services offers professional air duct cleaning services to improve indoor air quality, removing dust, allergens, and contaminants from the ventilation system, ensuring a cleaner and healthier living environment for customers. With their expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, TruClean Home Services efficiently eliminates built-up debris, mold, and bacteria from air ducts, promoting optimal airflow and maximizing the efficiency of heating and cooling systems.

Air Duct Inspection

This initial service provides a thorough assessment of the ductwork system for both residential and commercial customers. It identifies the current condition, potential issues, and the level of accumulated dust and allergens.

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Residential Air Duct Cleaning

This service focuses on homes, removing dust, dirt, and allergens from the ductwork to enhance the indoor air quality, providing a healthier living environment.

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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

This service targets commercial buildings and ensures a thorough cleaning of air duct systems to maintain high indoor air quality, improve HVAC system efficiency, and provide a healthier work environment.

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Air Duct Sanitization

Suitable for both residential and commercial premises, this service involves sanitizing the ductwork system using professional-grade disinfectants and deodorizers to eliminate harmful pathogens such as bacteria and mold, leaving the system with a fresh, clean scent.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning

This service, available for both residential and commercial clients, focuses on cleaning the dryer exhaust duct that can accumulate lint and other debris over time. Regular cleaning of the dryer vent reduces fire risk, improves the efficiency of the dryer, and can reduce energy costs.

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Air Filter Replacement

An essential component of duct cleaning for both residential and commercial settings, this service replaces old, clogged air filters with new ones. Regular filter replacement can increase the efficiency of the HVAC system, improve indoor air quality, and reduce energy costs.

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CliffService: Air Duct Cleaning
I had a small issue after the service. The owner came out personally to take care of the issue and even hung around to educate me on how to adjust the dampers, which made my home more comfortable with even air flow in all rooms. I didn't even know we had dampers, and for years one room got too much air flow. I was impressed with the amount of time spent educating me about HVAC features, seperate from the cleaning service provided. This company will work hard to ensure you are happy. Take a chance on them for your home.