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Sneaky Places That Mold In Your Home

Mold is something that all homeowners will eventually come in contact with — especially in the hot and humid Memphis climate. You likely know to turn your exhaust fan on and check around your kitchen faucets for mold. But, there are far sneaker places that mold hides. Keep reading to learn more.

Coffee Maker

To make sure you’re not whipping up mold lattes every morning, check your coffee maker periodically, as it’s a common hiding spot for mold. Studies show that more than 50% of coffee makers contain yeast or mold in their water reservoirs. So, make sure you wash and dry every part of your coffee maker once a week to prevent a cup of Joe from turning into a cup of mold.

Your Kids’ Toys

If you have small kids, you know most of their toys eventually end up in their mouths. They also love exploring and playing with water. This can lead to some wet toys that can harbor mold very quickly if you’re not paying attention. Make sure that wiping and drying your kids’ toys is part of your daily cleaning routine to ensure your little ones aren’t gnawing down on moldy objects day after day.

Crawl Spaces

It’s pretty obvious that the soil beneath our homes would contain moisture. This makes it a perfect breeding ground for mold. When was the last time you visited your crawl space? Exactly. Mold likely has free rein down there. Put a stop to the mold party and check out your crawl space — or call the pros in as part of your spring cleaning.

Floor Mats

Our welcome mats get a ton of foot traffic, from our dirty shoes to animals, rain, dirt, and anything else that makes its way to our front step. All of this dirt and moisture can accumulate and become trapped under the doormat leading to mold growth. Rinse your mat and hang it to dry properly on a regular basis.

Filing Cabinets

If there has been a lot of humidity in your home and/or water damage, the papers in your filing cabinet can get damp and start growing mold. This is because the wood pulp that the paper is made out of is a delectable snack for mold. Even worse, there is no way to remove mold from paper. So to save your important documents from being ruined, make sure you take the proper steps to protect your filing cabinets from mold.

Appliance Seals

Appliance seals are the silicone or rubber seals on appliances like the washing machine or fridge, and they’re another sneaky spot where mold hides out. So, make sure you’re properly washing these down and drying them with a towel every time you clean.

 Get Help With Mold in Memphis Today!

Are you dealing with mold? Worried you may have mold hiding somewhere in your house? Stop worrying and contact us today. Based in Memphis, TruClean provides quick, reliable, and professional servicing for mold remediation. These common contaminants are found in many area properties—but that doesn’t mean they should be left to linger.


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