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Why Clean Your Dryer Vents?


Prevent Dryer Fires

Lint buildup is a leading cause of dryer fires. While you may think that dryer fires are uncommon, the statistics prove otherwise: According to the U.S. Fire Administration, there are approximately 2,900 clothes dryer fires each year (usfa.gov). These dryer fires cause an estimated 5 deaths and 100 injuries per year. In addition, dryer fires account for $35 million in property loss each year. Failure to clean the dryer causes approximately 34% of dryer fires.


Make Your Dryer Work Faster

If your dryer vent is full of lint, it will makes your dryer take longer to finish each load. Are you noticing that your dryer doesn't work as fast as it used to? That's a tell-tale sign that you're in need of a dryer vent cleaning.


save money

Another great perk of dryer vent cleaning is that it will ultimately make drying your clothes cost less. When lint gets stuck in your dryer vent, the dryer has to work harder and use more energy to get your clothing dry. By having your dryer vent expunged of hazardous debris at least once a year, you'll save yourself money in the long run.

Did You Know Clogged Dryer Vents are the number one leading cause of house fires?

Of the nearly 17,000 house fires reported in the U.S. each year, one in three are caused by lint and dryer debris. It’s alarming, but more alarming when you consider virtually all of these dryer fires are 100% preventable. With a little cleaning it’s easy to keep dryers running -- and, more importantly, safe.

Why do dryer vents get clogged?

Lint, dirt and other debris naturally build up in dryer vents every time a family dries a load of laundry. Most fibers and particles are caught by the lint trap, but some get past and accumulate in the dryer vent over time. Even if you empty the lint filter after every use, annual dryer vent cleaning is still a necessity

Why is dryer vent cleaning important?

First and foremost, dryer vent fires -- the leading cause of US house fires -- can be prevented with regular cleaning. Most people know and understand the importance of having clean dryer vents, but forget to schedule annual cleanings or move into new homes without considering this crucial details.

As an added incentive, reducing your risk of house fires isn’t the only benefit of having clean dryer vents. Clean vents also improve dryer efficiency, allowing your machine to dry clothing faster and use less energy in the process.

How do you clean dryer vents?

Even though homeowners may be able to reach part of the dryer vent themselves, cleaning should only be conducted by a professional. Dryer vents are hard to reach and require indoor and outdoor attention. A professional will use a special vacuum tool and snake tool to clean every inch of the vent, removing all debris in the process. They’ll also inspect both ends of the vent and any corresponding pipes running through the walls or ceiling.

It might be tempting to clean your dryer vent yourself, but it’s nearly impossible to get all the debris without the right tools. The safety of your family and home depends on a job well done. If you have a large family and operate your dryer frequently or haven’t had your vent cleaned in one year or more, it’s time to seek professional assistance.

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