Attic Cleanup and Rubbish Removal

When it comes to conserving—or wasting—energy, your attic is one of the most important parts of your home. Despite being out of sight and out of mind, attics are hotspots for everything from rodent activity and contamination, mold, dust, dirt and other clutter and rubish.

Even if you don’t actively use your attic consistently, it’s challenging to maintain its cleanliness—or to discover you’re dealing with major cleanup needs.

TruClean can help. We provide unparalleled cleaning and rubbish removal services, with trained technicians and equipment needed to expertly remove damaged insulation and defend against rodent activity, dirt, mold and other grime.

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Memphis one-stop attic cleanup shop

TruClean is your one-stop-shop for attic cleanup and rubbish removal in Memphis. In addition to removing old and damaged insulation, sanitizing after rodent activity and barring rodent entry points, our team has the expertise and equipment needed to replace insulation, improve energy efficiency and clear rubbish or debris.

During your appointment, our team will:

  • Clean and sanitize any debris from rodent activity, including urine, feces and carcasses
  • Remove damaged or old insulation
  • Prevent future rodent infestations
  • Replace damaged insulation
  • Improve airflow for improved energy efficiency

Lower utility bills are a call away

Our expert team at TruClean have been cleaning residential air ducts and vents for decades, helping homeowners in the greater Memphis area maintain high quality air in their homes and offices. During each inspection and cleaning we check for—and quickly remove—common allergens including dust, mold, dander, cobwebs, mildew and other debris and contaminants, leaving your vents and your home clean from the inside out.

Using industry-leading tools and equipment including high power vacuums, scrubbers and extraction tools, we’ll ensure your ducts are clean and sanitary. We’ll also remove signs of rodents and insects from inside ductwork.

Reliable attic cleanup service with a smile – every time

TruClean has long been a household name in Memphis—and we’ve earned that reputation over and over again. Our professional standards paired with always-competitive pricing and dedication to customer service has made us the area’s go-to—and your go-to for attic and rubbish removal.

Every TruClean appointment is handled quickly and professionally. With every call, we’ll dispatch a trained professional to your home. Every member of our team has undergone background checks and extensive training to protect your equipment and manufacturers’ warranty.

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TruClean Home Services backs all of our work with our TruClean Guarantee. We use the safest and most effective chemicals to treat mold growth. let us help keep your family safe and breathing easier.
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